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Polly's Brew Co - From Without

The United States may well be where the craft beer movement boomed, but without the aid of the South Pacific, it may not have developed into the juggernaut that it is today. Whilst those aggressively bitter Stateside slammers laid the foundations, those delicate, soft flavours of Australian and New Zealand varieties elevated things to the next level and had the rest of the world follow suit as trends pointed toward the pillowy soft New England IPAs that first started appearing in the mid-2010s. From Without is a full blooded, 100% showcase of everything we love about Australian hops – utilising a four way dance of Oz classics, we’ve brought some Polly’s favourites to the party on this hop-drenched IPA in Vic Secret, Eclipse, Enigma, and the world renowned Galaxy. The result? Straight up juice with redcurrant, mango, mandarin, and raspberry notes abound.



Polly's Brew Co - From Without

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  • Country United Kingdom
    Brewery Polly's Brew Co.
    Style Australian IPA
    ABV 6.4%
    Vessel Can
    Volume 440ml
    Untappd Rating 3.87
    Dietary Information