Frequently asked questions

What is a private Patient Advocate?

A private or independent patient advocate is an individual trained to assist patients and/or their loved ones navigate our complex healthcare system. A private healthcare advocate’s primary commitments are to promote the health, safety, and rights of their patients and clients. Retaining a knowledgeable private patient advocate provides you with a wealth of resources, education, navigation, care coordination and peace of mind knowing you have a professional fighting on behalf of your best interests! Please note that private patient advocates do not replace your physician(s), make any type of medical diagnosis or provide medical advice.

Why should I choose PURITY PATIENT ADVOCATES to represent myself or my family members?

1. I work directly for YOU and not a health care system, insurance company, or hospital. An advocate who works for an insurance company provides services that are limited in scope; and are NOT acting on your behalf. 2. I am highly experienced at collaborating with physicians, health care professionals and medical practice staff. 3. As a former patient who has “walked in your shoes,” I truly understand the roadblocks, fears and frustrations that patients face in our fragmented healthcare system. 4. I know how to find the quality care you are seeking and help you accomplish your healthcare goals. 5. I am ethical, transparent, and will fight for you to ensure your health concerns are taken seriously.

What is the process to retain PURITY PATIENT ADVOCATES?

I will provide a 15-minute initial personalized consultation which will allow you to determine if I can assist you with your needs and goals. If you decide to retain PURITY PATIENT ADVOCATES, I will send you forms to complete, including a services acknowledgement form, a client assessment form and a detailed summary of the services you have requested. Cost: Each client case is unique. Once the client assessment form is completed and returned, the services estimate will be based on the range and type of services requested.

Does Health Insurance Pay for Our Services?

Since this is a private service, it is not covered by health insurance. I work directly for you and will ensure your health, well-being, patient rights, and best interests are taken seriously. While health insurance and hospital navigators or advocates provide advocacy services, their services are very limited in scope. Their allegiance is to their company and not you, the patient. We accept payment by credit card, debit card, ACH bank transfer or cash.

Can you personally diagnose me?

No. I am not a licensed health care practitioner and therefore cannot diagnose or treat any medical conditions. I am unable to provide medical, legal, financial advice or insurance brokerage services. I cannot guarantee any specific medical, financial, legal, or insurance outcomes.

How will you ensure that my personal medical information is protected?

Your privacy is taken seriously at PURITY PATIENT ADVOCATES. We do not discuss you or your loved one's patient information with anyone, unless granted written permission by you. This also includes patient family members, friends, or assigned guardians who may pay for the services. All information you share with PURITY PATIENT ADVOCATES is protected and treated with confidentiality.

Can you drive your clients to their appointments?

Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover client transportation. However, we are happy to facilitate and/or refer you to transportation services as requested.

Can you attend doctor appointments with me or my loved one through Telehealth or video conferencing?

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many physician practices are utilizing video conferencing for patient appointments. I can attend virtually or by phone with you. I want to ensure your appointment is productive, including having all of your health care questions answered to your satisfaction.

What is Integrative and/or Functional Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is a holistic medical discipline where the physician works to treat the whole person rather than just the disease. A combinatiion of modern health care practices are utiilized to diagnose and treat patients. Lifestyle choices are also examined when evaluating for the root cause of many chronic diseases. Functional medicine strives to identify and determine the root cause of complex, chronic disease. The focus of functional medicine is on patient-centered care. Each patient is unique and and the physician forms a partnership with the patient. Each patient's history is evaluated in great detail and is highly personalized.

Do you adhere to any professional code of ethics?

As a proud member of The Alliance for Professional Health Advocates, PURITY PATIENT ADVOCATES abides by The Code of Conduct and Professional Standards

Do you provide insurance claims and/or billing issues assistance?

We are able to provide support for basic insurance claim issues.If your case requires in depth expertise, we will be happy to provide referrals to a billing specialist practice.

Do you offer assistance with insurance authorizations and appeals?

We are happy to provide support for basic services. If you need extensive assistance, we will be happy to provide referrals for insurance appeals specialists.