Image by Mafer Benitez

Build A Box

Sometimes a beer catches your eye but you don't want to place a big order that qualifies for free shipping at that particular moment or you aren't in a rush to finalise an order and would prefer to curate your own box over time knowing that we are constantly adding new beers.

If this resonates with you, then our build-a-box service could be what you need. Add beers whenever they take your fancy and we will hold on to them until you tell us to ship them.

How Does It Work

Is There A Cost Involved?

No. This is a completely free service as we aim to provide flexible solutions that meet the needs of all of our customers.  

We will monitor the total value of your orders and in the event that the total order value is below the £75 threshold for free shipping, we will contact you to arrange payment or to give you the opportunity to add to your order and qualify for free shipping.