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Polly's Brew Co - Eden

We’re not quite sure what it is, but there’s just something about Polly’s stalwart, and lifeblood of the brewery for the past five years Citra when it’s paired up with another A-list, champions league hop varietal. Whether it’s because it’s the bridge between the old school pithy bitterness and new school haze craze we love so much is up for debate, but it’s positively glowing here in Eden. A straight up two-hop showcase of Citra and one of the most sought after varietals in the world in Galaxy, the brief on this beer is pretty straight up and simple – juice. Think a metric tonne of freshly squeezed limes, pithy orange rind, and ripe grapefruit, but backed up with soft peach, passionfruit, and guava to create a beer that is 100% positively Polly’s. 


Polly's Brew Co - Eden

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  • Country United Kingdom
    Brewery Polly's Brew Co.
    Style New England Pale Ale
    ABV 5.4%
    Vessel Can
    Volume 440ml
    Untappd Rating 3.87
    Dietary Information