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Polly's Brew Co - Blue Roses

We’ve definitely noticed a shift in what our drinkers want over our six years as an active brewery. From those early Loka Polly hop-drenched DDH IPAs, to the peak-lockdown DIPA, TIPA and QIPA fever craze to today, there’s been a wonderful evolution of trends that have made us have to think on our feet constantly and innovate within the parameters of what our fans and drinkers are seeking in their beer. With the current shift heading toward low and no beers, we’re eager to pack that flavour profile of a typical Polly’s beer into a smaller ABV. Small IPAs were a cult style in our first year at Polly’s and we’ve brought them back with aplomb - Blue Roses takes the baton carried by those bushy tailed and bright eyed brewers and takes it firmly into 2024. An easygoing hop bill of Comet and Enigma make a perfect combination of crisp, fruit-foward and sessionable, perfect for sharing over a long evening of pints with mates.

Polly's Brew Co - Blue Roses

  • Country United Kingdom
    Brewery Polly's Brew Co.
    Style Session IPA
    ABV 3.2%
    Vessel Can
    Volume 440ml
    Untappd Rating 3.56
    Dietary Information