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Tommie Sjef - Saaz

Saaz is a blend of younger and older wild ales, that fermented and aged for 8 months up to 2,5 year. The beer was dryhopped for over 6 months in an oak foeder with Czech Saaz hops.


In the nose you will come across a grassy, herbal smell which is characteristic of Saaz. Flowers like chamomile and roses, fresh peaches, some funk and hay are also found in the aroma. In taste you will experience a slightly bitterness from the hops, a balanced sourness with a fairly dry finish which can remind you of a natural cider.


This beer is suitable for longer ageing. The bitterness and sourness of the beer are expected to merge. In addition, it’s always interesting — often fascinating and amazing — to see a beer develop over time in the bottle. Especially with a dryhopped wild ale. When drinking fresh, we recommend to let the beer open up in the glass.


Store our beers upright or lying down in a cool, dark place. Our beers are best enjoyed between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius.

Tommie Sjef - Saaz

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  • Country Netherlands
    Brewery Tommie Sjef
    Style Wild Ale
    ABV 6.8%
    Vessel Bottle
    Volume 750ml
    Untappd Rating 4.12
    Dietary Information N/A