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Puhaste Brewery x Bereta Brewing Co - Heart Melter

A fruited sour brewed with raspberry, peach and apricot, made in collaboration with Bereta brewery.

Sour raspberry stands out on the nose, with the soft fruity qualities of apricot and peach mixed in the background. The taste is distinctly sour, with a full-bodied texture showing the berry fruitiness of raspberry, yellow plums and apples, peaches and nectarines, and the delicate sweetness of apricot ties the flavours together. A fruity sour beer with rich flavours, while still being playful and refreshing. The beer may contain natural sediment from fruit purees.


Puhaste Brewery x Bereta Brewing Co - Heart Melter

  • Country Estonia

    Puhaste Brewery

    Bereta Brewing Co.

    Style Fruited Sour
    ABV 5%
    Vessel Can
    Volume 440ml
    Untappd Rating 3.86
    Dietary Information N/A