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Marlobobo - Elephantastic Bandit (2022)

Cold-soaked aronia mead with vanilla beans.

7 days cold-soak before gentle pressing, followed by gradual feeding of local wildflower honey.

Even when cold-soaking the aronia berries to temper their tannic and earthy characteristics, they needed to be balanced out by a shit-ton of honey to really let their juicy characteristic shine. Ugandan vanilla beans adds some extra creaminess and smacks you in the face with caramelized vanilla notes.


Marlobobo - Elephantastic Bandit (2022)

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  • Country Norway
    Brewery Marlobobo
    Style Mead - Melomel
    ABV 10%
    Vessel Bottle
    Volume 375ml
    Untappd Rating 4.51
    Dietary Information N/A