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Dugges Bryggeri - Mango Shake

Shake, shook, shaken. Bake, done bakin’. Our mangos are cakin’, Fruitynilla makin’. Oh oh, here we go. Yeah!

One of the definitions of 'to shake something up' is "To do something different from one's regular routine to make things feel new or exciting." A typical practice here at Dugges is to brew everyone's favorite mango sour Mango Mango Mango. So, how could we make that thing new, exciting, or both?

We answered that question by upping the ABV a touch, adding even more fruit, and then adding just the righ amount of vanilla to smoothen it out.

The result? Well, it's new. And it's interesting. And it's also insanely good. All that fruity sourness rounded off with sweet vanilla makes for a lovely drink. It’s nice to have shaken things up, for a second time. Like a Polaroid picture!


Dugges Bryggeri - Mango Shake

  • Country Sweden
    Brewery Dugges Bryggeri
    Style Pastry Sour
    ABV 6%
    Vessel Can
    Volume 330ml
    Untappd Rating 3.71
    Dietary Information