Against The Grain

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Micro Brewery

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Louisville, KY

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Rating: 3.75

Louisville’s craft beer scene in the 90s was grayer than Aunt Claudine’s thinning hair.
Every pale ale was a pale ale, every porter was a porter and so on and so forth. It was different then, but truth be told that’s where the tale of Against the Grain begins. Jerry Gnagy, Sam Cruz, Adam Watson, and Andrew Ott found themselves working at one of the grayest Louisville breweries of all time doing what they loved but not the way they wanted.

Fed up and dissatisfied with the brewing status quo they banded together and drew up a business plan on a yellow legal pad. It wasn’t the best, but they found out early on they had a knack for taking something shitty and making it the shiniest turd in all the land. More importantly, they found they had the drive collectively to make beer better.