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Wheat beer is a top-fermented beer brewed with a large proportion of wheat relative to the amount of malted barley. The two main varieties are Weißbier, based on the German tradition, and Witbier, based on the Belgian tradition; other types include Lambic (made with wild yeasts and bacteria), Berliner Weisse (a cloudy, sour beer), and Gose (a German-type sour, salty, herbal beer).

Often spiced to deliver interesting flavours such as coriander and orange peel or dark fruits and malt. 

Pair Weissbier, Hefeweizen and Berliner Weisse with lighter food such as salad and seafood. Dunkel Weizen, Weizenbock and Doppelbock are heavier beers that will go well with stews, roast and smoked meat.

Drink between 4° - 7°

Wheat Beer

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