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Siren Craft Brew - Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake

For the first time ever, a Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake! This fun little number takes the ABV down a notch while still aiming to give you the big mouthfeel, indulgent chocolate and rich drinking of the original. In order to achieve this, we’ve built the recipe from the ground up. An addition of Chocolate Rye in the grist is particularly interesting, which layers in milk chocolate mid-notes in contrast to the more dark chocolate vibe you’d ordinarily expect in these beers. The proportion of roast malts were also lowered to promote the soft chocolate profile. We use Madagascan vanilla to bring in the ‘frosting’ element on a cupcake, helped along by wafer notes from the Cypress wood. 

Siren Craft Brew - Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake

  • Country United Kingdom
    Brewery Siren Craft Brew
    Style Milks Stout
    ABV 5.4%
    Vessel Can
    Volume 330ml
    Untappd Rating 3.85
    Dietary Information N/A