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Polly's Brew Co - Render Melted


Whether it was those early Loka Polly brews, or the more modern Polly’s beers, we’ve always been huge advocates for simplicity in our tiny corner of North Wales. Sure, we could add a list of hops as long as our arm into a beer, but we heavily favour finding a combination of hops that sing in harmony with one another. Simcoe and Vic Secret as a combination runs as far back as our very early name change beers – we’re enormous fans of how well the straight up simplicity of Simcoe’s peach, apricot and berry notes play against Vic Secret’s clean pineapple and mango flavour notes, backed up with its slightly more aggressive pine profile. Going in with a larger than usual hot side addition of Vic Secret on this beer, a gentle but lingering bitterness lays a foundation before a burst of bright, punchy tropical notes come to play to remind you that this is definitely a Polly’s IPA in your glass.


Polly's Brew Co - Render Melted

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  • Country United Kingdom
    Brewery Polly's Brew Co.
    Style New England IPA
    ABV 6.2%
    Vessel Can
    Volume 440ml
    Untappd Rating 3.92
    Dietary Information