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KCBC - Barknado

Pours peachy-yellow haze in the glass with frothy white foam. Notes of lemon granita, pulpy mango, a touch of fresh pine and juicy mandarin oranges. Walloped with a double-dose of our hand-selected Citra hops along with some killer Eclipse from Australia and newcomer Moutere from New Zealand. Soft mouthfeel, smooth finish. Ripe, ravishing and ready to rip. It’s raining hops & (shark)dogs–quick, grab a glass and fill ‘er up! 


KCBC - Barknado

  • Country United States
    Brewery KCBC
    Style New England IPA
    ABV 7.2%
    Vessel Can
    Volume 473ml
    Untappd Rating 4.05
    Dietary Information N/A