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Equilibrium Brewery

Triple IPA




Untappd Rating: 4.14


Pete’s image of this lightning bolt was captured locally, graces the label on our inaugural can, Joule. The Joule, named after James Prescott Joule, is a unit of energy equal to the kinetic energy of a kilogram mass moving at the speed of one meter per second. The average bolt of lightning contains roughly one billion (1,000,000,000) joules of energy! This bolt of lightning over green fields reminded us of Pete’s description of this years new crop of Galaxy. This got us energized to make our first ever 100% Galaxy TIPA.
Starting off with a base of wheat and oats, Joule is 100% Galaxy hopped in both the whirlpool and dry-hop utilizing our new Victorian Galaxy form Pete’s trip to Australia. We then gave this beer our Energy treatment to extract the most these already superb crop has to offer. The results are delicious.

Joule pours glowing yellow with explosive aroma of passionfruit, starfruit, peach, and tangerine. Its flavors are bold with notes of ripe passionfruit, tropical orange, stone fruit, lime zest, and tropical smarties candy. You’ll take flight after a few sips as the 10% ABV is nowhere to be found in this beer. Its escalating juice flavors are brought forward by our Energy treatment and latest processes giving our #EQjuice the spotlight on finish.