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Untappd Rating: 3.42

Vegetarian | Vegan

A Possessor Pale Ale - Collaboration with POSSESSOR If there is one thing we here at Weird Beard are known for other than our love of exceptional beer, it is our unapologetic love affair with music and horror movies. And it is no secret that like most Creatures Of Havoc, we lean towards music of the heavier and more punk nature. But almost like the yin to our yang, the guys at Possessor are as passionate about beer as they are music. So who do they turn to when they want to Breathe Fire into their very own beer to celebrate the launch of their brand new, Savage Rampage of an album Gravelands? Well, we would Hitchhike Through Hell for an opportunity to work with a band some of us have enjoyed live on the Landon music scene many times before. We invited them to Join Us in the not so Backwoods of West London to brew this hop bomb of a pale ale. And with a super sessionable ABV of 3.1%, it wont be like a Flight of The Mutilator getting home after the gig.


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